The Super Food For Better Health and Fitness

Nutritionists and Trainers are often asked if there’s any “special” food they should add to their daily diet so as to gain better health, improve muscle quality, fitness and speed up weight-loss. And while, yes, there certainly is, I’ve always hesitated to reveal that information.However, if you discovered a simple food, that, by eating just a few ounces of it once a week, you gained more health-benefits than a dozen of the foods you currently eat, yet it cost only a fraction of what the same quantity of the cheapest tofu or hamburger mince does, wouldn’t you want to know about it?No? Then read no further.However, if the possibilities intrigue you, read on!Our pre-historic ancestors somehow sensed the value of this nutrient-dense food and ate lots of it, as often as possible. It’s packed with natural vitamins, including the anti-oxidant, Vitamin A, which is essential for eye-health, night-vision, fertility, digestion, a functioning immune-system and normal growth. This nutritional super-star also contains huge quantities of the Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid. It’s been estimated that more than one third of the population suffers deficiency in B12, which is the “anti-fatigue” vitamin, essential for the prevention of muscle-soreness, anxiety, poor digestion, impotence, incontinence, unsteady gait and dementia.It’s also rich in Vitamin D. You’re probably aware that Vitamin D is critical to health, not only in the absorption of calcium for bone strength, but also for the regulation of most of the body’s chemical reactions, nerve responses, the synthesis of our hormones and has a preventive effect on breast cancer.Vitamin D deficiency affects 25% of children under eleven years of age and occurs in many adults who don’t get enough sun-exposure due to where they live, especially in winter.Oops! I skipped Vitamin C! Four ounces of this tasty morsel contains more than 50% of the daily requirement which is essential for stress-relief, skin-health and the flexibility and integrity of the arteries. That’s more than an orange provides!Not enough Vitamin C can lead to atherosclerosis and a likely stroke or heart attack. Vitamin C also plays an important role in the absorption of iron, which this food absolutely abounds in. And for women, that’s critical for the health of the blood and the prevention of anemia.But while on the subject of iron, this inexpensive super-food is loaded with it as well as phosphorous, copper and magnesium. Growing children need more of this nutritional fare as it also provides the medium-chain fatty-acids critical for brain development along with iodine which prevents goiter.What else? Oh, yes, Vitamin E – and how about the very important Omega-3 fats including EPA, DHA and also Vitamin K which works in conjunction with Vitamin D and calcium for bone integrity and is essential for the coagulation of blood when we suffer bleeding injuries. This high-energy food-star contains both of the natural forms, K1 and K2, which have been shown to help in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and certain forms of cancer.Wow! A super-food that provides so many vitamins, nutrients and health benefits along with disease prevention? It must be expensive, no?Sadly, vegans and vegetarians miss out on this valuable source of essential nutrients and vitamins which are provided in just one, four-ounce serving per week of calf liver. If you are a practicing, but open-minded vegan or vegetarian you owe it to yourself to read my e-report What are We Supposed to Eat and ask yourself, “Why?”Meat-eater or not, maybe you’re convinced you don’t like the taste or texture of liver, so why not disguise it by adding it into hamburger mince or meat loaf? You’ll never even know it’s there but you can still enjoy the benefits!Liver, marinated in lemon juice, not over-cooked, and combined with grilled onions and tomatoes is definitely the healthiest, and to my mind, one of the most sumptuous meals available.Here’s to your Good Health!Luigi Kleinsasser

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