Top 3 Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Home buying – though a wonderful experience – can be stressful as well. Limit the stress and disappointment you experience by taking note of these top 3 home buying mistakes to avoid.1. Shopping for a home before you get a mortgage preapprovalWhen shopping for a home, you need to be sure you can pay for it. More importantly, your seller needs to be sure they don’t pull the house off the market and find out later that you’re not qualified to purchase it. The chances of negotiating a great home purchase deal go up exponentially when you get preapproved before making an offer.When it comes time to make a home purchase offer, ask your mortgage broker to issue a preapproval letter for the exact amount you’re offering. If you need to make a counter offer to the seller’s offer, then ask your mortgage broker to reissue a new letter.2. Buying a home and failing to get an inspectionIt’s always a wise idea to get property, roof and termite inspections on any home you’re planning to buy.  Not only will you be warned ahead of time if there’s a problem, but the inspection reports you receive serve as good negotiating tools when you sit down with the seller.Should you get your seller to agree to make specified repairs before you buy the home, be sure to have the repairs verified prior to signing off on the sale.3. Failing to shop for home owner’s insurance before closing.Any FHA or VA loan you apply for today will necessitate your securing one year and 3 months worth of home owners’ or hazard insurance. Since the monthly cost for your insurance can vary widely from insurer to insurer, you need to start shopping early and get a quote into your mortgage broker before closing. Leave the selection up to your lender and you’re likely to end up with a higher priced policy.

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